Some ramblings during lockdown a few weeks ago, had to stay local with the Scottish Government guidance so a chance to check out some stuff in the Bathgate Hills I had never visited before.

First up, Raven Craig Woodland in West Lothian. Found this by accident when sheltering in the rain in the car eating a snack or two. When torrential downpour stopped realised I was in a car park for a woodland walk so went to explore.

Who was Troll? (I can find no mention of this on the internet)


It was a nice little walk through the woods and the view was fantastic (or would have been without the rain).

After a short rest decided to go from the top of Boghall to the Korean War Memorial to collect more standing stones I had not visited before and because I’d never been to the Korean War Memory before.

First stone on the way way was the Galabraes


The route goes past the Knock so a quick spring to the top of that was required. Although the wind was so strong if I had a kite I could have got to the top for free!

There is the Knock Stone Circle which is a modern stone circle!

Knock Stone Circle

The route goes past Cairnpapple but obviously that was closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I did not take any photos of the War Memorial as it seemed disrespectful. Had a quick lunch of vegan sausage rolls and chocolate before climbing up to the Witch Crag to find the Craigmailing Boundary Marker. Until I was looking up the history of this I never realised the Knights of St John were quite so active in Scotland. With their headquarters only being a short distance away at Torphichen.

Boundary Marker

On the return leg I think i noticed where the Scottish hobbits are hiding.

Hobbit Hole

Also came across a doll enjoying a quick paddle in a puddle.

Paddling Doll

And a very tired looking polar bear (must have been all the sun)

Tired Polar Bear