Today I picked up my new bike, upgrading from my 2013 hardtail to a short travel MTB CX bike Giant Anthem 2 29er.

Things I instantly liked about the new bike were the increased ability to roll over stuff meaning the lumps and bumps slowed you down less. This was particularly noticable on climbs. The more linear gear changing of the 1x12 system. I do lose a couple of high gear ratios but this is more than compensated by the ease of changing under power on climbs.

Rear suspension means I get battered about less on the lumpy and bumpy stuff. I was finding on the hardtail after 20 miles my feet would go a bit numb from the constant rattling, no such problem with the new bike.

Anyway a picture of Daisy on the Black Law windfarm.

Daisy Day1

And finally a GPX track of the 1st run of daisy on my local trails.