A list of software I have worked on either to run on Sinclair QL or to run on a host PC to support development of software for the QL.


Emulation is an important part of the QDOS ecosystem.


An adaption of the uQLx emulator to SDL2 library. I found when debugging uQLx some of the changes I wanted to make were quite invasive and it did not feel right maintaining the uQLx name for something with quite large changes. The aim is to try and maintain compatibility with uQLx as much as possible but develop new features, improvements.

Host Software

This is software that runs on Linux/Windows host and most useful for cross compiling type activities.


I did not write this the support is in the upstream InfoZip source, but over the years it has bitrotted. Its useful when using xtc68 to automatically create the QDOS directory entry when creating a zip.


This is a utility to unzip QL software with extra QDOS headers into a form that emulators such as QPC2, Q-Emulator, and sQLux can use. It adds the Q-Emulator header where needed and also does filename translation.

qdos-devel docker

QDOS has two C cross compilers, gcc 2.95.3 and xtc68. This docker container has bother compilers and is available for i386, x86_64, and armv7 (this is because gcc 2.95.3 only builds on 32bit platforms). The image also contains tools like make and qlzip to make deploying built software easier.


This utility will take any picture and convert it to QL _scr format for loading on a BBQL in mode 8. It is best to start with an image with a 4:3 form factor. The utility uses ImageMagick for the conversion.

Sinclair QL Utilities

Utilities designed to run within the QDOS environment.


A C based IRC client for QDOS, it is a port of the client from irc.c.


I have ported some Unix games to QDOS


This is an interpreter for interactive fiction games. Original source is from https://github.com/shmup/wander. I have an updated github repo for the QDOS additions to the code.

It can be started in QDOS using the cmd

ex flp1_wander;"castle"

Changing the cmdline arg to the adventure you want to play (a3, castle, library, tut)

Collosal Cave

Possibly one of the most famous games ever. Needs no real explanation needed. This is the adv770 v2.31 version.

Some hacks needed for QDOS as xtc68 is not c99 compliant and there seems to be a bug where symbols are not case sensitive.

Scott Adams

A port of ScottZX (from spectrum) to QDOS. I chose this interpreter as being the simplest available.

It can be started in QDOS using the cmd

ex flp1_scottzx;"adv00_dat"

Changing the cmdline arg to adventure you want to play.